Film & Television Medical Support

Location Medical is a unique specialist company founded in 1997 and based in Shepperton Studios. We are not a private ambulance company or a first aid organisation – we are film & TV specialists with over 500 film, TV commercial and music production credits and 2 decades of experience. 

We are flattered by the number of companies that try to imitate us but, at the end of the day, whether its unit nurses or set medics for everyday filming, specialist advice and provision for those ‘weird and wonderful’  shoots and locations or specialist paramedic cover for high risk stunt scenes... experience delivering film medical services is everything.




Unit Medics & Nurses

Location Medical specialises in providing qualified set medics nurses or unit nurses for daily bookings or long term attachment to film units.

Our medics are typically qualified RGN's, experienced ambulance technicians or registered paramedics - all with "front line" experience in the NHS and plenty of experience in film and TV work.

Our unit nurses and set medics will always be equipped to deal quickly and effectively with both serious accidents, and minor injuries, illnesses and ailments on set.

Working with Location Medical means you can guarantee your medical crew are qualified, equipped and fully insured. We are regulated by and inspected by the Care Quality Commission and they independently verify that our recruitment processes, staff training and inductions and background checks meet the same high standards as the NHS.

Once on board – we can also help you with additional cover for second units, pre-rigs, strikes, stunts etc. and in the unlikely event of our nurse being unwell, we can normally arrange a replacement on the same day.

Despite these advantages, we offer highly competitive daily rates with no hidden extras.


Unit Paramedics & Ambulances


Fully Equipped Paramedic Ambulances

The gold standard of medical safety - having a fully equipped emergency ambulance on standby allows any casualty to receive expert treatment on set in the event of an accident and, if required, transport to hospital can be provided without delay.
Location Medical Ambulances are modern, purpose built vehicles fully equipped to current N.H.S. ambulance standards. All vehicles carry full advanced life support equipment, and emergency drugs, and ambulance crews are highly experienced qualified staff.
Ambulances provide a visible medical point on large shoots or locations and, as ever, carry the normal ‘unit nurse’ kit for everyday injuries and ailments.

Location Medical Services is fully registered with, and regulates by the Care Quality Commission to provide ambulance services. This is a legal requirement in England. No production should contract ambulance services from non CQC registered organisations 


Paramedic Support Units

Paramedics can be provided with full Advanced Life Support equipment and drugs in single manned support units. These specialist vehicles can be car based or 4x4 based (for off road locations).  A more compact and economical option than a full ambulance crew - however single manned paramedic vehicles can not transport seriously injured patients to hospital.

All Paramedics are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. 



Advanced Paramedic Practitioners

Specialist Health Care Professionals - Advanced Paramedics (sometimes called Critical care Paramedics) have undertaken additional training in caring for the most acutely injured patients. Location Medical has a number of AP's who can be provided for high risk or high profile stunts or for filming in locations where hospitals and conventional medical services are remote or inaccessible.

4 Wheel Drive "Off Road" Ambulances & Paramedic Units

Landrover Defender Rescue Ambulace

For remote locations, "off road" locations or sets with poor road access, we can provide fully equipped Medical Support Units and Ambulances with "off road" capabilities.

Our drivers are experienced in driving "off road", and vehicles are equipped to ensure that expert medical services are on hand for your crew wherever you are filming.

4x4 vehicles are used extensively for horse scenes, filming in woods, quarries, beaches or fields.

As ever we are happy to advise - All too often productions book a ‘conventional’ ambulance - only for us to find that the location and terrain means our crews would have difficulty reaching or removing a casualty in an emergency. 

Film & TV Stunt Medical Cover

When you have a stunt team performing high risk, high speed or high level sequences you cant afford to take any chances with their safety. Unfortunately the film industry is plagued with self styled "film stunt medics" and ambulance providers who concentrate on "looking the part" whilst falling well short of acceptable standards or who are operating illegally without Care Quality Commission registration (a legal requirement for all ambulance services in England since 2012) (See Here for more Information).

Location Medical has over 20 years of experience in covering stunts and, in that time, there is not a lot we have not seen and done. In addition to properly equipped, well maintained modern ambulances and experienced paramedics, we can provide advanced paramedic practitioners, specialist casualty access teams, water rescue teams, remote medics, and air ambulance support with pilots and medics experienced in air ambulance operations.  These are not hypothetical services we could put together if the demand arises - they are services we have actually delivered for film & TV companies in the UK and abroad.

If, however, we feel you need skills or services we don't have, this is exactly what we will tell you. We may put you in touch with a trusted 3rd party provider - but we wont accept any compromises with your safety or our reputation by telling you we are experts in anything we are not. 

Don't be fooled by medics who "talk a good job". In the unlikely event that a stunt goes wrong there is absolutely no substitute for experience. 


Location Medical Services does not provide "Fire Medics". Its a nice idea (especially for a production tempted by cost savings) but, in the event of an emergency, a fire fighter and a paramedic have very different, and very important, roles. To imply that one operative can do both is slightly disingenuous.  You wouldn't go to a plumber dentist, or hire a makeup cameraman - so why believe that a fire medic is giving you both skill-sets in one package! If you want professional medical provision speak to us. If you want experienced fire/rescue operatives speak to a reputable, experienced fire company. If you want someone to sell you budget "all in one" services in the hope that nothing really goes wrong there seem to be more and more people you can call...but if your stunt goes wrong think about what you want them to do first  - make the scene safe and control the ongoing risk to the patient and the rest of your crew, or deal with life threatening injuries. They cant do both! 



LMS Medical Centre at Shepperton Studios

Productions filming in Shepperton Studios can benefit from a fully equipped medial centre within the studio complex. Operated by Location Medical Services the medical centre is ideal for construction, rehearsals and small shoots not requiring a dedicated "on set" medic. Patients from subscribing productions can visit at any time without an appointment and see medical staff in a hygienic and private environment.

In the event of an emergency, medical staff can attend your stage or workshop within minutes.

However - please note that we do not offer a "walk in" facility to unsubscribing productions. Medical services are available by pre-booking with Location Medical. The medical centre is operated by Location Medical Services , not pinewood group and services are not automatically included as part of the studio tenancy package.

Location Medical Services can be contacted on 0370 750 9898 or, within the studios, on extension 3845

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Mobile Medical Units

We can provide a fully equipped medical centre for your production anywhere in the UK. Great for long term locations, studios or large shoots or crowd scenes. 

This allows medical staff to treat your crew in a hygienic, well-lit, purpose-built medical facility wherever you are. 

We have trailer based medical units, pop up units or can install fully functional medical centres in existing temporary structures, production offices or portacabins. .