Event Medical Support 

Location Medical has an established reputation as one of the UK’s most established and experienced suppliers of professional medical staff for events.

We Deliver: 
Experience: We cover hundreds of events every year, from small indoor events to major central London public events for 80,000 plus. Medical companies often claim to have "events experience" when they are sub-contracted onto events or work alongside other organisations but Location Medical Services can provide details and references for hundreds of events of all types & sizes that have selected Location Medical as the sole medical contractor.

Professional Standards: We are one very few event medical specialists to provide qualified and experienced NHS medical staff at all events. Not first aiders, volunteers or self trained “EMT’s” with only 2 weeks training!

We are fully registered with, and regulated by,the Care Quality Commission for the provision of professional healthcare and ambulance services in England.

Reliability: Once booked we turn up at the right place, at the right time, with the right staff and the right equipment. Simple as that. No excuses. No let-downs. If we weren't reliable we wouldn't have worked with many of our clients for over 15 years.

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Location Medical operates modern, well maintained, purpose built ambulances and we equip them to full current NHS specification. This means that we carry full paramedic and advanced life support equipment and drugs on board every vehicle. All LMS ambulance crews are currently certified IHCD qualified paramedics and ambulance technicians with extensive NHS '999' experience

All LMS Medical Vehicles

All LMS Medical Vehicles

Emergency Ambulance - Full CQC Specification: Emergency Response 

Emergency Ambulance - Full CQC Specification: Emergency Response 

Current LMS Ambulances Fleet

Current LMS Ambulances Fleet

4 Wheel Drive "Off Road" Ambulances & Paramedic Units

For remote locations, grass site events, "off road" events or anywhere where medical teams may need to access a casualty off tarmac - we can provide fully equipped 4x4 Medical Support Units and Ambulances with "off road" capabilities.

Particularly suitable for equine events, motocross or sporting events on grass tracks- we know that its not enough to just turn up with an ambulance - we need to make sure it can get to a potential casualty anywhere on your event site in an emergency. 

Our drivers are experienced in driving "off road", and vehicles are equipped to ensure that expert medical services are on hand for wherever required.

As ever we are happy to advise - All too often clients book a ‘conventional’ ambulance - only for us to find that the location and terrain means our crews would have difficulty reaching or removing a casualty in an emergency.

Air Ambulance - Aeromedical Cover

Event Air Ambulance

Where Advanced Care meets Speed & Comfort 



Having professional Aeromedical support at an event or for filming is more economical that you may expect!

 Location Medical Services have the equipment and expertise to supply and fit-out a number of appropriate aircraft to meet your needs.

AIRMED support can be provided with Advanced Practice Paramedics or Emergency Doctors (all with AIROMEDICAL AIR AMBULANCE EXPERIENCE) as part of your cover.

Whilst the UK has an amazing network of Air Ambulance Charities supporting the NHS ambulance services. These aircraft are in huge demand, often covering several counties, so will only attend the most serious trauma or medical emergencies and, even then, this is subject to availability. 

Having an Air Ambulance dedicated to your event gives three primary benefits: 

1. Due to medical advances in care,  critically injured patients are no longer transfer to the 'nearest' NHS A&E. For the best outcome patients are admitted directly to specialist centres or Major Trauma Centres,  many of which may be a long way by road (often around 1hr to a Trauma Centre). An Air Ambulance provides immediate transfer from site or incident, direct to the most applicable specialist major trauma centre, heart attack centre or stoke unit.

2.   Difficult terrain coverage. On a large site or over rough ground a land ambulance may struggle to gain access to a patient and even 4x4 vehicles will be slow and potentially too bumpy for a severely injured patient. An Air Ambulance may be able to Land Close to any casualty and extract them back to the base area or hospital with no bumping and bouncing.

3. Remote Site Ops: Away from the major cities, transfer times to medical treatment can significant, Helimed can be used to ensure time to definitive care is reduced significantly.  

Air Ambulances can also be used to access private medical treatment in major cities - some of which have helicopter landing pads on site. As most regional private hospitals cannot accept emergency private patients, air transfer avoids VIP's waiting in an NHS hospital. (Needs to be arranged in advice with the private facility)  
Twin Squirrel Air Ambulance

Twin Squirrel 

Probably the most cost effective Air Ambulance platform in the UK. A small internal space for a Single Pilot Day good weather operations: Pilot + Stretcher + two Medics.  Skids allow for field landings. 

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A step up in terms of space and speed, the 109 has been used extensively as an Air Ambulance platform in Europe.  Fast, sleek with retractable undercarriage. Can operate dual pilot with reduced visibility: Dual Pilot + Stretcher + 2 Medics + 1 other.     

Other aircraft types & over-water operational capability are available as required. 

Field Hospital / Treatment Post

A fully operational mobile casualty treatment unit - our unique Mobile Medical Centre (MMC) allows us to maintain exceptionally high clinical standards at any event.
The unit is purpose built for us and is clearly marked on all sides - allowing it to be easily identified across large events.
Our MMC is fully equipped to provide full resuscitation facilities.

Smaller 10 ft x 10 ft and 10ft x 20ft 'pop up' structures can be provided as additional first aid points or alone at smaller events.

For large events we can transport and set up complete field hospitals in marquees or other temporary structures. 

Golf Buggie Ambulances

Golf Buggy Ambulances are fully equipped but can safely manoeuvre around crowded sites, deliver medical teams to a casualty quickly and, where required, transport casualties to medical centers or ambulances on a full length ambulance stretcher or scoop. Moving an ambulance through a dense crowd at an event is dangerous, teams running though crowds are also problematic. The Golf Buggy based ambulance allows safe progress across larger sites or through medium density crowds.

LMS Golf buggy ambulance can be equipped to include full Paramedic / Advanced life support capability.  This can include a monitor with BP, SPO2, ETCO2 and 12 Lead ECG. Full paramedic drug set and comprehensive equipment, ideal to back up a cycle responder.  Patients can be transferred off the field of play to our field hospital or to a road ambulance.  

Cycle Response Units 

No one likes to see ambulances driving around events, least of all the event organizer! This is why Location Medical has pioneered quicker, safer and more appropriate ways to deliver medical services at events.
Cycle Response units are fully equipped with a defibrillator, oxygen, emergency drugs, dressings etc.

Cycle Response - Sports Relief London

Cycle Response - Sports Relief London

Cycle Responder Paramedic - Private Ground of Windsor Castle

Cycle Responder Paramedic - Private Ground of Windsor Castle

Cycle Response Medics can respond rapidly and safely across all types of terrain and through thick crowds. They allow us to deliver essential equipment and skills to seriously ill patients anywhere on a busy event site within minutes. 

Medical Support Units

For outdoor events not requiring an ambulance on site, we can provide single manned medical support units. These are fully equipped with cardiac defibrillators, pulse oximeters, burns kit, analgesic gasses and emergency drugs.

Different Vehicles for Different Events 

Different Vehicles for Different Events 

Support Unit at a London event

Support Unit at a London event

These units make easily identifiable 'medical points' at outdoor events and are an ideal economical solution for activities such as small sports events, corporate fun days or small public events.


Support Units 

Support Units 

4x4 Support Units for off road events

4x4 Support Units for off road events

Solo Medics

Solo Medic - Ideal for Event Builds and Break Downs 

Solo Medic - Ideal for Event Builds and Break Downs 

Our 'Solo' nurses and paramedics are the most economical solution for a small or indoor events such as low risk team building events, AGM's, conferences, product launches etc, or for event builds and de-rigs.

These qualified medical professionals are supplied in a smart and practical uniform and come with a comprehensive medical kit. This includes emergency equipment such as oxygen, burns kit, cervical collars, resuscitation equipment nebulisers, emergency drugs etc. In addition, staff are always equipped to treat a wide range of minor ailments and injuries that may otherwise stop someone enjoying your event.